Affordable and Accessible Training for Aspirational Financial Traders

Trading Dynamics, established to meet the demand for high quality affordable and accessible training courses is delivered at venues throughout the United Kingdom. We have developed a range of courses to meet the needs of those new to trading and those who have not yet mastered this challenging discipline. If you are looking to develop a successful full or part-time career as a financial trader, these courses are an absolute must. If you are not yet consistently profitable these courses will help you dramatically improve your performance whatever your trading style.

These affordable courses will introduce you to the financial markets, how they work and how you can profit from them. The use of leverage via Spread Betting, CFD's and Forex can enhance your returns but also increase your losses and so risk and money management are at the heart of the teaching. We help you identify and develop the personal skills essential for success and introduce you to a range of advanced technical analysis tools that will allow you to evaluate any financial market, develop a trading plan that is right for you and build a trading strategy that will consistently deliver profitable results. 

Measuring market sentiment
Market Sentiment

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Unleash your potential.

How many times have you dreamt about financial freedom? Probably every day of your adult life! But how do you achieve it?

There are very few careers that can fulfil that aspiration, but financial trading is one such opportunity that allows you not only to take control of your financial destiny, but also your entire lifestyle. Be your own boss, work from home or anywhere in the world. Be answerable only to yourself for your success or failure and reap fully the rewards of your efforts. Truly a liberating experience!

How can the individual compete against some of the largest firms in the world, with all their resources, research and perceived expertise?

The answer is simple but profound; small traders are not seeking to compete with the large institutions, they are playing a different game!  Small independently minded traders have flexibility, they can be nimble in moving in and out of positions and from market to market. They can react quickly to changing circumstances and news flow in a way that the large players cannot. These advantages present endless recurrent opportunities to capture significant short-term price swings and coupled with the use of carefully managed leverage, can produce outstanding returns with relatively low levels of risk.


Is it for you? Can you do it?

Trading is not easy even for seasoned professionals and anyone that tells you it is has probably never traded successfully themselves. But with the correct preparation, introduction and training it can be mastered to hugely profitable effect.

Trading Dynamics is dedicated to providing unrivalled training and ongoing support so that you can build a successful trading career, either full or part time.

There are certainly risks to your capital. Many people fail very quickly, but we understand why and seek to ensure you avoid the many pitfalls that await the inexperienced trader.

Our reputation is built on your success. 

How do you get started?

There are endless online resources and training courses offering to turn you into a trading genius, all promising untold wealth and reward. However the reality is very different. Far too many people fail before they've even had the chance to put into practice what they have learnt, crushing their confidence and laying waste to their capital.

Learning from books, videos, webinar's and the like has its merits, but they do not teach you the crucial skills and disciplines needed if you are to survive long enough to develop a successful trading career.

There is no substitute for learning from an experienced industry veteran; one that has been there, done it and has worked at the coal-face of the industry for over twenty years.  

Where Next?

These courses are suitable for the novice trader as long as they have a basic understanding of the financial markets. The courses also offer new and innovative methods of trading that can only help improve the performance of existing traders and investors. 

You may be considering trading surplus capital for income, managing your own SIPP or investment trust or looking to build savings in this zero interest rate environment. Whatever your motive for considering the financial markets, do not put your capital at risk until you have equipped yourself for the task ahead.

Trading Dynamics can provide you with all of the tools you need to succeed, on what will become a life long journey of discovery!  

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ONLY 12 places available per course